Flashback: Time Trials

“Alright. Start the clock.”

Forty individual targets, moving independantly around the field. Sometimes they were rings, gems, coins, and in one instance giant red fruit. The spell had been developed as a video game substitute, then added to the Volst Magi Emergent Ranking and Illumination Tests. Under the conditions, the subject had a limited time to hit every target either physically or with energy. The fewer targets remained, the more intelligently they evaded. Continue reading


The Abogenisist

Joe had no idea how he had gotten here. One moment he had dragged himself to bed after a fifteen hour watch shift and the next thing he knew, he was standing someplace wildly different.

The room was made of stone like some kind of old temple you’d see in a movie. It was even overgrown with vines and roots springing from cracks in the walls. At the other side of the room stood two carved stone doors. There wasn’t a visible light source in the room but for some reason Joe could almost see everything in the room.

“Ah, you’re finally here. I was wondering how much longer I would have to wait.” Joe looked over into a corner near the two doors a man stepped from one of the few shadowy areas in the room. Whether they were there before or he made them Joe didn’t know.

“Who the fuck…?” Continue reading


It had been weeks since Joe had his only chance of escape turned into a pin cushion. As much as that would have normally amused him. He had found that dismaying given where it had landed him. Everyday he repeated the same routine he lived in his cell somewhere beneath the palace or whatever the elf equivalent was. Then by midday he was taken out to entertain the Queen and her court. Then if he pleased her he was permitted to live another day longer, and sometimes even eat. Continue reading

The Fourth Sphere

This level was different from the previous spheres Alex had visited. It felt lived in. He could see smokestacks littering the area, spewing thick clouds of smoke choking the air. But there was more to it. In between the stacks, structures jutted out of the ground in grotesque angles that made them and the strange creatures that emerges almost nauseating to even look at. Alex could see flows of lava leak out of some of these structures like puss from a boil that burst. Continue reading

Invading Phyrexia

They stood silently for a moment as Alex tried to comprehend how she had found him. He could accept that she would also be able to go through the doors to the same time and location assuming they were set locations, but this library is miles long with thousands of rooms in a weaving maze impossible to really know unless you were Commodore Guff. Hell he was even afraid to wander to far from the map room without the old man for this very reason. Continue reading


It was dark, Jason thought as he walked down a long winding path with the Commodore leading the way. He had cast a simple spell that teleported them to this place. Guff had said he would show him what the author had said. That had been an hour ago. Between the endless traveling and Guff’s in-depth explanation of how time worked and that “This might not even be from your future” Jason found his patience wearing thin. Continue reading