Guild Jobs

If you’re reading the story, you won’t learn about the Guild’s role in events for a while (exactly how long depends on how well I can hold to my schedule and whether Saturday’s game forces me to pick up the pace).  I’m sure you can surmise, and in fact I am now telling you, that the Guild is a mercenary organization, but it’s doubtful you’ll glean any other details.  If you’re one of my players, you should have no trouble understanding this.  The following information is intended to facilitate sessions by having “information” available in a place where the players can see it ahead of time and I can’t lose it.Jobs listed at the Guild are divided into five categories.

Category D

Kinslayer *Completed by Gareth Thatchersson*
Death Of A Craftsman

Category I

Mystery Caravans *Completed by Gareth Thatchersson*
Innocence Faded
*Completed by Jaden Kelren*
Look On The Sunny Side

Category P

Sower Of Chaos *Completed by Gareth Thatchersson*
Local Library *Completed by Tik-Tak*

Category S

Ghost Town *Completed by Gareth Thatchersson*
Dead Zone

Category G

Kinslayer 2 *Completed by Jaden Kelren*


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