Observational Notes

A figure watched curiously at the explosion in the distance. Clad in a hooded robe, his face concealed and only a pair of wires extended from the edge of the cloak and back inside.

He waved a hand, and a bundle of papers appeared in his fingers. “They’ve discovered how to use mana, anyway. Not quite what we expected, is it Chandra?” He turned, and a young woman draped in flame appeared at his side. “Explosions, and I detected a summoning inside one of the buildings.” The burning planeswalker sat down at the edge of the translucent cliff they both stood atop. The fog and clouds of roving magic hid the heights from the sight of the campus, and the same features conducted the sensors and monitors that subtly measured the fledgling magics.

“Fun. Sounds like my kind of party.” Chandra strummed her fingers in the air, and Will-‘O-The-Wisps danced to the silent tune.

“Don’t get too excited. I’m also getting a number of less… dramatic magics across the ruins. Also… I keep getting flashes of planeswalker energy. Unformed sparks.” Jace crossed his arms, and fiddled with something in his sleeve. A variety of colored lights danced across the distant buildings, in different combinations of mana-color.

“You didn’t tell Liliana, did you?”

“Of course not. Last thing we want is another variable.” He tweaked another wire in his sleeve and the lights faded around the two planeswalkers. “That said, there’s no way she won’t show up eventually. May Urza help them if Liliana decides to culture a planeswalker here.”


Tom sat outside the library, holding his hand out in front of him. Little sparks of energy spiraled in his palm, slowly gyrating between his fingers. “Dance.” The sparks twisted and pulsed in rhythm, and the student smiled. “Compression.” The sparks converged into a single blob of light, hovering above his palm. “Vibro-oscillation.” The blob vibrated, humming slowly. He whispered a few words, the sparks of blue light twisting and turning into different shapes. “The magic responds to thought and word… hah. Not that hard.” He curled up and watched the terrain shift slightly, dispersing the sparks.


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