Journal Entry: Shuffled

When I’m doing magic… I can see time stretched out before me.

Events stacked, melded, and stretched together into a kind of constant storyline, like watching a cartoon with all the frames on top of each other at once.  After a while, you start seeing stories written on events.  Cycles.  A rhythm.

The time flow has a cadence and I find myself humming along with it without realizing.  Once you see it, you’ll never forget it.  It’s like the FedEx arrow.  In the logo, there’s an arrow hidden between the E and the X.  It sticks in your mind.  You can’t help but see it.  Events start to look like that.  I can almost read along with the future, but it stays at the tip of my mind.  Instead of future sight, all I get is a slight disjunction with reality.  A hundred different mes are casting the same spell, and slight variations along the timestream make my mind clumsy.

Lee keeps blowing stuff up, and I can feel the timelines around the rubble collapse.  It wears me down more than a little.

Dreams have gotten worse.  I can see little metaphors dancing by, hints at the edge of reason for future events.  Zeke being followed by a horde of squirrels.  Nick fighting with Fallor.  A lot of people fighting with Fallor.  A pair of figures in red and blue, like incarnations of chaos and order, watching from afar.  I started writing them down, but it looks more like legends rehashed by a ten year old.  I tore most of them up.

Chebon’s been doing some interesting things with combination magic; it’s quite impressive.  Most of the others are practicing combat, as if we had anything to fight.  I conjured a few faeries yesterday, trying to get the hang of speedier summoning.  Flash abilities don’t cross the border from game to the real world; I think I can remedy that.

Alex took my notes on cancellation and has some pretty nice improvements.  I’ll let him handle that project and work on Project Overbeing for a while.  The idea of a single creature, directly linked with the caster…

Anyway, Zeke’s journal idea seems pretty useful.  I feel a little more settled.  Pretty soon I’m going to run low on Focalin and I’ll.. well, I’ll cross that road when it comes.

Can’t wait to show Zac my new Lunassault spell.



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