Work in Progress

Spell Research: Defensive Magics.

*Record of attempts at new spells, especially variations on the same spell.  Had a dream of a magical war across an expansive field, and decided to develop more defensive magic than currently at our disposal.  Using a tennis ball (p1), a metal statue of roughly similar size (p2), and an energy bolt (p3) as forces against the spell surface.

Attempt 1: Hard Shell.

Spontaneous summoning of a hard energy shield (vertical hemisphere).  Visible through blue spectrum with black accents, as per Research Notes 3.4 (Mana Colors and Psychiatric Response).

– P1: Bounced off shield surface, ricocheted off walls/experimenter until stilled.  Success.

– P2: Shield cracked, but withstood assault.  Unimpressed.

– P3: Shield failed after third intensity level of this attack, although this level is much higher than most physical attacks.

Notes: Hard Shell, with enough power behind it, could withstand heavy assaults but once shield integrity is compromised, incredibly weakened.  Some of the Club with higher energy reserves would benefit best from this spell.  Remember to attempt layered Hard Shell after experiment is complete.

Attempt 2: Flux

A field of fluid energy reduces attack’s kinetic energy and possibly will either hold the projectile in place or allow redirection.

– P1: Caught the projectile easily, and with a thought redirected it with some accuracy.

– P2: Amount of force required on-the-fly adaption of the spell, spiraling the contact point and surrounding field to disperse momentum, otherwise might have punctured the field.  On the plus side, reversing that spiral allowed for highly accurate redirection.

– P3: Attack after attack was dispersed by flux energy, but without a way to adapt the concentration of energy, this shield seems ineffective against repetitive energy attacks.

Notes:  I like this one, especially for projectiles.  Adaptable enough to handle quite a bit, but weakens when hit in various places in too quick an interval to re-disperse energy buildup.

Attempt 3: Ward

Rather than a shield, this spell creates a ring around an area which, as one of my research assistants said, “totally prevents anyone [messing around with] the stuff inside”.  In effect, the ward rejects outside influence.  My fellow researcher calls this one the Circle of Protection, although he’s working on his own for a Story Circle version.

– P1: Required a hard throw to break the ward circle.

– P2: Research assistant 3 has a large bruise on his chin.

– P3: Oddly enough, regardless of attack arrangement or strength, not a single hit got through a lone Ward circle.  Invited even our most reckless and destructive planeswalker to attack it and he barely made a flash of light against the ward circle.  (Researcher notes that Lee, said planeswalker, was moved to blow up part of the research on Attempt 4 as a result of this test.)

Notes: Almost ineffective against physical attacks, but highly effective against energy attacks.  Assistants have nicknamed this spell the Circle of Protection 2.0.

Attempt 4: Wind Wall

(Error 404.  Reason: “Frickin’ Lee.”)

Attempt 5: “Void Bubble”

Rather than creating a magical force to repel or redirect magic, this represents an attempt to remove magic from a space.  In effect, the Void Bubble disconnects a piece of reality from the area on its surface and prevents causality from crossing the field.

(Research interrupted, Researcher notes that interruption by “discovery of Planeswalker abilities” is the cause.)

Researchers: Tom, Jason

Assistants: James, Zach, Zac.


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