Entry one:

Jeez, I finally did the math of all I was doing. Between attending meetings, paperwork, eating, sleep and my personal experiments I found out I need 32 hours a day to do everything and not collapse. This was a bit extreme for me. So I started new tests. I think I found a way to create a timeless bubble in my room for sleep. This way I can get my full eight hours without sacrificing other things. I’m gonna keep this journal for reference in case things get dicey though.

Entry two:

Success! My first attempts at the bubble were widely successful. With Alex’s help I was able to get a full night’s sleep over the course of a few seconds. I’m glad it worked. Now I can concentrate on other things as soon as I confirm that there aren’t any drawbacks. I’m also glad to have Alex’s help in this. I thinks he’s been keeping an eye on me after the oblivion ring experiment. I still appreciate what he’s done for me though.

Entry three:

It’s been three weeks since my last entry. I’ve been so busy. I had to increase my work load to keep up with events. Zeke went feral earlier today and no one knows why. Besides checking on him, I’ve begun to set-up work rotations for mage apprentices. With these rotations each mage actively working on an experiment can have at least a few dedicated assistants. Most people applied. Lee and Tom have been quiet though. I’m thinking about sending someone over to assist Lee even if he doesn’t apply. At least then I will know if he’s okay. Anyway with all the people in need of assistance I found out that we have a greater demand for them than we have. I elected to not apply. The others could use them more. On a better note I managed to rework my oblivion rings or at least make a variation… crap I’ll finish this later I have a knock.

Entry four:

Okay I’ve managed to set things up around campus I still have no clue on what to do though. I sent another runner to check on Tom. Jamie said she couldn’t find him anywhere. He’s not in his lab or his room. I’m starting to worry. He might have gone exploring or went to another plane though. Everyone can get so wrapped-up in their own experiments they forget about the world around them. Anyway since I wasn’t able to finish my entry yesterday I’ll continue. My experiments with the oblivion ring have revealed that when inside the ring time doesn’t pass. I also uncovered the fact that harm really can’t come to a person inside. I found that out when I tried to cut my hand with my grandfather’s penknife. The blade just turned to mist till I moved it away. Also my research has revealed that spells can’t be cast while inside the ring, so a mage  might as well be a normal person when caught…

Entry five:

Okay this is pissing me off. I fell asleep while writing! That never happens. I was even fully rested and I fell asleep again anyway. I missed four meetings this morning, and slept through Zach pounding on my door to wake me up. I don’t know what’s going on it must have been a fluke. I’ll have to double my work load, and work late to catch-up on everything. I guess my experiments will have to wait till early to…

Entry six:

I’m so tired. I collapsed today. During my mid-morning meeting. I had gotten up to get the door since someone was interrupting us. I had fallen asleep while walking. I didn’t even know that was possible. I woke-up an hour later in my room. I was confused. I had to miss the rest of the meeting, and get caught up while I did my paper work by Maytee. I can’t afford to slow down though. Maybe if I catch a few extra hours of sleep in my bubble my body will correct my fatigue…

Entry seven:

I don’t know what’s going on, I slept through my meeting again. Maytee and Peepers were kind enough to pick up the slack for me. I feel terrible about that. It’s my job for that and now I can’t seem to carry my own…

Entry eight:

I’ve been ordered to rest till my condition improves. I hate that, I think I can manage fi…

Entry nine:

This is Alex filling in for Nick. He asked me to maintain his journal on events for him, he just tells me what to write down, and I’ll fill it in later. Currently Tom still hasn’t been seen. Also I’ve been going over Nick’s notes while he sleeps as well as his previous journal entries. Nick’s sleep cycles seem to be disrupted by something. It’s as if he hasn’t had any major sleep in weeks. He was hallucinating earlier, and has many other signs of sleep deprivation. I think it’s very likely that his bubble isn’t providing actual rest he only thinks it is, and his body stopped responding to his attempt to maintain his work schedule. I found out today that he was attending fourteen hours worth of meetings and side conversations. He would then spend another two on paper work and sometimes food. He would then “rest”, and then do eight more hours of experiments on his oblivion ring project. He mentions several times in his notes something about a “Grand Ring”, but later on he became less coherent and I can’t make sense of it all. I think it might be a large scale oblivion ring, but with out Nick to make sense of it all I’m only guessing. He’s been asleep for twenty hours now. I think his body is playing catch up. I hope he recovers soon. We’ve been maintaining his work for only three days and it’s already exhausting. How does he do this? Maytee is about ready to pass out with his and her work load and Peepers almost broke his arm doing the paperwork involved. How does he have so much? You’d think with us being in a new plane there wouldn’t be much paperwork involved. I think he might have been doing other peoples paperwork with out their knowledge. We found forms from Jason showing a request for supplies that he’s never seen before. He told me normally the stuff just shows up at his lab every morning. He didn’t even know there was paperwork involved. Let alone how Nick was getting him what he needed without being told. This has to stop. I’m going to get the others and talk to them about this mess.

Entry ten:

Okay I’m back. According to everyone, I’m not allowed to use my bubble ever again. I’m also told until further notice I am required to have at least two assistants everyday. I wasn’t happy to hear that. I told them that they could be put to better use with experiments not paperwork. That’s why I set up the rotation roster to begin with. They also found my receivers in the labs that sent me the supply requests for everyone. They told me they could do their own paperwork. I was also told that I’m only allowed five hours of meetings a day, and that others will take over the remaining nine hours. They won’t listen to me at all on this. What the hell? We have more important things to worry about than my meeting schedule. Well I guess if anything else I get to have more time to finish my Grand Ring project. If it works I might be able to safely capture entire fortresses with out risking the others, but with no formal way of testing it I’m stuck with theories. Maybe my notes will contain more clues. I just have to find them…


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