New Moon Over Dominaria

“I’m surprised they haven’t noticed us by now,” the Rat commented, surveying the scene of the battle raging below.

“Don’t be.  I made us completely invisible.”

“Perhaps we should be working out how we’re going to get back.  I’ve heard about this, and what’s going to happen…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Fallor said.  “I know exactly how it’s going to play out.”  He paused.  “By the way, when did you change?”

“It came with the upgrade,” said the Rat, taking a moment to look over his new black fur and hairless tail.  The two sat in silence on the balcony.  In the crater left by the explosion, they had animated some debris to build a castle out of itself.  From the heights, they now looked over the world below them and played cards, or occasionally chess.  At the moment, it was the latter.

“You know,” Fallor said, moving a piece, “if I were them, I wouldn’t waste time on all this.  Not when a good curse could take care of everyone they’ve ever loved.”

“A disease.”


“Diseases spread far better than curses, and they’re harder to magically guard against.  If you want to cause havoc, use a disease.”  He moved a piece.

Fallor thought about that one.  “No,” he said, “I’m quite sure curses are superior.  The effects are more potent and harder to cure.”  Move.

“Would you care to make a bet on it?”

“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“When we get back to our own time, we’ll have a contest.  I’ll spread a lycanthropic disease keyed to trigger every night, and you’ll spread a similar effect via curse.  To make it easier to keep track, I’ll turn my victims into wererats and you can make yours werewolves.  At the end of a month, whoever has spread their particular effect farther wins.”

Fallor chuckled a little at this.  “Agreed.  And the stakes?”

“I’ll bet the Moon.”

“Oh, high roller, huh?  I guess I’ll bet my temple.”

“I get to take your head?  Promise?”  The Rat looked ecstatic at the idea.

“No, you idiot, I mean the black temple I had built right under your collective noses, with a similar spell to the one that made this castle.  I was going to build some more, but I fear I will be too busy.”

The Rat tilted his head in thought, then said, “A terrestrial base would be useful, I suppose.  It’s a deal, then.”  They shook on it.

As the Rat stood and moved to watch the battle below, Fallor looked down at the board and noticed another move had been made.  It was checkmate.

“For a guy who can see the future, you’re really bad at games of strategy,” the Rat commented offhandedly.


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