Moving Out

“Let us go, please…”

The pleas fell on deaf ears as the Rat wrote something down.  Slowly, the subjects’ cages began to fill with a black gas.  They fell to their knees, and slowly began to change.

Somewhere deep within his mind, someone was yelling at him.


Fallor smirked as he climbed the stairs. He knew what was coming up, and that soon he would once again be free to terrorize the others. His expression faded when he opened the door to the balcony and saw a squirrel-man standing there, back to him.  Zeke looked over his shoulder at the sound, and they both froze, staring at the other.

Zeke reacted first, delivering a swift attack with his claws to knock Fallor off-balance before leaping over the edge. He caught hold of a buttress and from there scrambled to the ground. He was halfway to the edge of the crater when a shield of light appeared around him. Fallor floated gently to the ground in front of him.

Enraged, Zeke put all the power at his disposal toward one goal:  Freedom.  He attacked the barrier and broke through easily, continuing straight to Fallor.  He scored a solid hit, evaded the counterattack, and continued swinging.

Several minutes had gone by in which Zeke’s flurry of attacks did not relent, before he suddenly found himself held fast by shackles of energy.  Fallor moved away from him just a little bit before he spoke.

“Were you planning on going somewhere?” he asked. “I think that would be a bad idea. You’d just be killed in the Blast.”

“Yeah? I don’t see you doing much about that.”

“It’s not going to be a problem,” Fallor said. “Before I say any more, though, you should turn back. You’re much easier to talk to that way.”

Fallor waved his hand, and Zeke’s eyes went wide as he felt darkness slip into his mind, spreading and filling it. He convulsed, then collapsed, as his body began shifting back into the ratlike appearance. A few seconds later, the Rat stood up.

“I’m growing impatient,” said the Rat. “How much longer are you going to wait to get us out of this damnable era?”

Fallor’s smirk reasserted itself. “We’re leaving very soon, in fact,” he said. “I just need you to cast a few spells first.”


Atop the castle, Fallor and the Rat watched as the Brothers’ War entered its final scene. They began casting their spells, wrapping the Moon in layer upon layer of protection.

Then came the long-anticipated Sylex Blast. The invisible Moon was briefly visible in silhouette, but if anyone saw it, that fact was never recorded. Anyone close enough to have noticed it died immediately.

When the Blast subsided, not even debris was left of the Moon.


“You’re sure you got it right?”

“Naturally. I didn’t want to risk drawing attention to our return, so I’ve parked us in geostatic orbit over open ocean. Nobody will find us out here even if they’re looking.”

Fallor grinned. “Good. Then let the games begin.”


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