A New Game

They had watched the proceedings of the tournament from orbit. It was in an unexpected twist for Lee to have slipped away from the group, but it made no difference to Fallor. He walked down a maze of corridors and stairs to his friend the rat. Who sat patiently waiting at their usual table on the balcony the last moments on the tournament replaying in the air over the railing.

“Are you ready?” Fallor asked as the rat replayed the scene of Lee’s arm being blown off. Fallor felt a mild sense of pleasure watching his main tormentor experiencing such extreme pain. Maybe with luck he’ll die from the wound. The rat after the fourth disintegration looked over at the diviner.

“My contagion has been ready for days now. I even have it’s distribution method ready.” Fallor raised an eyebrow at his counterpart.

“Do you now? And what might that be?” The rat grinned evilly at his inquiry. As if there was some joke only he had heard, and it amused him greatly.

“All in due time. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” The response frankly annoyed Fallor. If he had really wanted too he could just look into the future, but somehow the mystery of it made him more intrigued and excited for their real game.

“Okay, you win this one.” He then clapped his hands together once. “Alright, let’s do this while their still winding down. It’ll probably maximize the spread.”

The rat himself looked at him briefly then gave him a wide grin that showed his ridiculously sharp fangs. It might of even unnerved him if he hadn’t already been accustomed to the biomage’s presence.

“I agree, but once the game begins let’s not stay on the moon. I don’t want to run the risk of them finding my moon.” It was Fallor’s turn to grin now.

“I know the perfect place.”


On another part of the plane the crowd had been milling about the town talking about the events of the past few days. In the main square Zeke’s memorial continued to stand stoically in place. The stone glistened slightly in the sunlight. This was a common marker for people about the sacrifices made for the society.

At least it had been until seconds later a meteor crashed into it. The sudden loud crashing noise startled everyone in the vicinity, and a crowd quickly gathered around the small crater. It amazed a few people that no one had been hurt. While others were simply fascinated by the phenomenon before them. Little did they know that they were being infected with a virus. A virus who’s sole purposes is to reek chaos upon the populous.


In another part of town several rabbits attached to a sling by the hunter carrying them swung with each step he took. They had seemed normal to him, when he had captured them, but there cursed blood slowly dripped from the wounds inflicted on them. When he placed them in the kitchen to be skinned and prepared for meals a single drop landed on his hand which he washed away unaware of the spell placed upon him and spread to all that came into contact with the corrupted hares.


The next few days were uneventful for everyone. Other than the strange occurrence of Zeke’s memorial being destroyed.

It was a blemish on an otherwise pleasant week. James sat next to an unconscious Tom in a chair playing a game of solitaire. He let out a loud sneeze in the otherwise quiet room. Sandra poked her head in through the divider separating them from the rest of the sick room.

“Everything okay in here?” She asked him quizzically. James rubbed his nose to remove the sensation of another sneeze.

“Yeah, the air’s just dry.” She gave him a stern look. One that gave him a slight shiver in the back of his neck.

“That better be all, I’ve been treating people for three days. Something’s been going around recently, and I have no idea what.”




It was night time on campus. The air was cool, and refreshing to the few people outside. But that wasn’t the concern of the creature stalking the grounds. Bloodlust had taken over, it was hungry, and it was hunting. It remained in the shadows, away from view, as a short girl in glasses walked from the labs in the direction of housing on the opposite end of the complex. Oblivious of being observed she continued to walk.

The creature stalked her for several dozen meters, barely able to keep itself at bay with each step. It needed to feed, but it needed to hunt more. Its breath took the form of steam in the cold air as it breathed heavily. They were both alone, and only one of them really knew what that meant.

They were halfway to the dormitories now. And the anticipation was almost to much for the monster to handle. The girl suddenly stopped momentarily to tie her shoe, which she had noticed had come undone when she almost tripped on the laces. She couldn’t possibly be more exposed than at that moment which is when it attacked. It moved with unparalleled swiftness as it struck from darkness.

She had been in the process of standing up when it bit her in the throat, it’s teeth punctured her Jugular vein and Carotid artery. It bit deep, and tore away the rest of her throat as it pulled back, not thinking of spreading its curse to others. Within seconds she silently bled out on the ground, unable to breath or stem the sudden blood loss.

The smell of blood was euphoric for the hunter. It cleaned the sanguine liquid off of its lips from its first kill. Its savored the flavor with each lick. Then still without making a sound it left the kill to continue the hunt elsewhere.


In another place on the same plane, Fallor took immense pleasure from the words uttered from the rats mouth.

“Looks like the first casualty was dealt by your wolves.” He knew it was to soon to tell who would win their little game, but he felt he could beat his companion the rat. Even if he was hyper-intelligent. He marked  on the board in the section labeled “kills” what he hoped to be the first of many such marks.

“Excellent, who did I get?” The rat looked up at him from the viewing device they had constructed to monitor the next month’s proceedings.

“No one important, just a little mage girl.”

“Do I know her?” The diviner asked the biomage as he took his seat next to him.

“Oh you knew her alright.” The rat smiled maliciously him, showing his own enjoyment of the turn of events.

“Excellent.” He uttered again before returning his attention to the fight in the arena below. It had gotten interesting as the shifters they had captured attacked the giant they summoned, for their amusement. The two watched as it uselessly swung its club at the smaller creatures, who just scattered and attacked. Fallor himself was still mulling over the events so far as they brought down the oafish creature in front of them. A new game of murder and mayhem had started, and he was more than ready for it.


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