Medical Log

Medical log

Chief Medical Mage Sandra

Day 1: I’m beginning this journal to monitor the progress the strange phenomenon occurring of late. Due to the peculiar nature of these events let me start from the beginning to clarify for later review. Five days ago a sudden rush of cases of the common cold began to occur throughout the population of the campus. Which could be derived from a number of things such as stress, which everyone has been dealing with. Normally a few people will come to me complaining of these symptoms, and I simply give them advise on methods to deal with it an shoo them away without needing to treat them. The cases seem to be growing at an alarming rate soon I fear I’ll need to take a more direct approach to remedy this situation. I’ll have more as soon as the situation develops.

Day 3: There’s been alarming news. Now people (some of which are the cold patients) have been arriving in my office complaining of blackouts, fatigue, muscle pain, and sleep walking (or at least waking up in strange places). Many of the patients have been disturbed also by the recent murders. I’m not surprised though seven deaths in 3 days is a definite cause for alarm.

Day 4: I’ve decided to perform a study on several of the patients entering my office. The number of these strange cold and blackout cases has risen to pandemic levels. It’s come to my attention that this is occurring in mostly non-mages or low level mages while planeswalkers and higher level mages seem to not be affected by this. I’m beginning to believe that the cold and blackout cases are connected in someway. I’ll know more when I complete the study. On a side note a curfew has been implemented until further notice. Likely in response to the sudden rise in deaths and animal attacks. I’ve treated at least a dozen different animal bites of people claiming to be attacked by wolves.

Day 5: Oh god it’s worse than I feared. The patients I had in quarantine changed in front of me when nighttime hit. Several changed into rat monsters while other transformed into I suppose werewolfs. They immediately grew violent with each other and tried to kill one another I was forced to sedate them before major injuries could be inflicted. I need to warn the administrators that the maulings were not likely caused by shifters or animals. We need to recall the exterior patrols before its too….


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