The Next Move

“This is getting boring.” The Rat uttered in disgust to Fallor as they watched the monitor. They had sat there every night for almost two weeks playing cards and tallying the various casualties. It was the same thing every night. More people got infected some were killed. Their enemies were none the wiser as they chased ghosts in the forest on these alleged animal attacks. These lousy peasants seem to barely understand their own daily lives let alone the complex machinations that have been unleashed upon them for their better’s amusement. And that goes double for the supposed people part of him once called his friends. He had thought to hold them to a higher standard after their previous success at thwarting him, but that had clearly proven to be an incorrect assumption that he has since remedied.

“What do you want me to do about it? I can’t make them less stupid can you?” Fallor replied as he moved his rook to across the board. Tonight they settled on chess. A game they could play on semi-even footing, since The Rat’s hyper-intellect often counter Fallor’s precognitive ability in such a game. Knowing his moves meant little if he didn’t know how to counter them. Fallor looked over at the screen and the bloody scene that unveiled before them. “That’s another kill for you I think.”

He said in such a nonchalant way, as if they grisly end was simply the latest play in a football game. Fallor’s company was starting to wear on his nerves again. He had become more agitated about the whole mess. What was once an amusing distraction as he planned his next move was quickly turning into a laborious nightmare. One of which never seemed to end.

“I could tell you how it ends if you’d like. That way we could just skip all this nonsense.” Fallor gave him a grin that reeked of self satisfaction. The Rat seriously thought about it and all of its aspects for half a second before quickly discarding the stupid idea..

“No, we already discussed this. We have to watch it play out.” He quickly replied. They both had agreed that Fallor couldn’t use his future sense on the game. Even if he did agree, it would be likely Fallor would declare himself the winner regardless of the truth Hence the need for this grueling endeavor of waiting for the game to come to its final acts. Unless… “I have a proposition for you.”

Fallor craned his head in mock interest at his sudden change in subject.

“Oh really? Please do tell I am all ears.” He muttered coyly to the rat as his bishop is taken from the board.

“Yes, why don’t we accelerate the game. I can speed up the infection rate to be transmitted through the air as well as the usual infection rates. I assume you have done so as well to your curses?”

“More or less. But why? The game is speeding along just nicely in my opinion.”

“Look at it this way. Soon I’m sure they will get their act together and figure out that the animals they have been hunting are not the cause of the attacks. And with that knowledge they could take steps to prevent further infections or even stopping the ones that have already been all together. BUT, if we speed it up to a faster rate we can have a winner declared before they even know what to do about it. ” Fallor gave him a thoughtful stare that made him want to rip that smug face off of him. Even if he knew it would be coming.

“Very well, we can do that, but we speed it up to have the infections to spread and be finished by tomorrow. After all I want to be moved into my moon soon.”

It was The Rat’s turn to be smug now. His toothy grin spread wide showing each deadly fang with disturbing detail. “Oh I don’t know about that, but checkmate.”

That was the best he could probably hope for as he resigned himself to one more night of sitting here as he sent the necessary spells to accelerate his infection. Worst case he develops a headache again. Ah well such is life. By the time he finished his thought Fallor had reset the board for another game. He supposed he could stand him for a little while longer. Who knows he might grow to enjoy his company in the battles ahead.


Lee screamed in agony as the procedure finished. It was considerably harder to perform the operation one handed on himself than he had anticipated, but when he was done and casting his last incantation on the appendage it seemed well worth it.
He flexed the new limb checking each muscle and nerve ending to be sure it was all connected properly. And when he was done he sank back into his chair to watch his monitors. Something was attacking campus at night. He might as well test his new creatures. He didn’t want them to forget he was here after all. He reached over and began pouring some vile looking liquid before the container shattered in his new hand. It set him off in a rage as he flung his glass against a wall and destroyed several expensive looking bits of furniture. Several of his goblin servants were cowering in a corner. More so when one burst into flames from his master’s furry.

After he calmed himself. He saw the destruction he had caused to the room and the dead servants scattered about. He laughed at the sight and summoned more servants to clean up the mess while he calmed down and prepared for tomorrow.


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