The Signal

It had already been a long night for Jason. Who would have guessed his responsibilities would increase with his ascendance to planeswalkerhood. He had been on seven hour patrols every night since the attacks began. He still hadn’t figured out how the creatures were slipping through the detection aspect of the barriers, and to make matters worse Nick had been breathing down his neck the whole time. He needed answers and Jason just couldn’t give them to him. Not with what they’ve found anyway. Which was jack squat.

Oh well at least I can get some sleep. Jason thought to himself as he slipped into his bed. he had barely closed his eyes when his head buzzed with the shield’s warning system.

“Shit!” Jason muttered to himself as he bolted from bed rushing to get his gear on. Halfway through he ran to his cellphone still siting on his nightstand to send out messages as the list of incursion locations increased. This was gonna be the big one they were waiting for. All the other attacks seemed like jokes by comparison.

Yoshi: This is a Stage One Alert. All mages respond. I’m sending intercept coordinates.

Yoshi: (File Transfer: Incursion sites .PDF)

KoboldStyle: Holy Shit are you serious?

RedLeader: That’s a lot of enemies even for us.

Cryptz: Tom’s Still out btw guys.

Logos: Alright doesn’t matter we all know the drill. Alex, send the call to the Alert system we need people in the shelters. Maytee, Recall the patrols. And James, Get all mages C-rank or better prepared for combat, anyone else is just gonna get in the way. We’re gonna break into teams for this.

Rilik887: Team leaders?

Logos: James, Peepers, and Chebon lead the outer defense teams. Maytee, Joe, and Adam can take the response teams to pick off any that get passed the outer defenses. Alex, Jason, and I will maintain the teams in charge of protecting the shelters. Any questions?

GingerTheDr: Why am I leading teams again?

Logos: Because you answered the alert, are conscious, and don’t suck at magic. Alright people if you aren’t en-route you better be soon.

Jason closed his phone while he ran to meet up with his teams. In the short time it had taken for the conversation to happen the emergency foghorns and alert system were blaring. The same message was repeating over and over again.

This is a Stage One Alert. All noncombatants please report to your designated shelter until further notice. All C Ranked mages or above please report to designated team leaders. This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill.

The Defense mage came skidding to a stop as a crowd of people ran by nearly trampling him in the process. It was going to be a long deadly night, and everyone knew it.


Peepers stood at the edge of Campus watching as the horde of Shifters crossed the threshold of the barrier. He could see several of the people under him finish setting their traps in hopes of stemming the approach from this angle. They let the first few dozen smaller shifters cross the line before Peepers gave the order.

“Now!” He yelled out to the mages standing nearby. On his word precast spells flared up as a mix of energies intermingled to create a violent explosion that shook the ground beneath them. Pieces of shifter rained from the sky on the defenders. With his trap triggered Peepers advanced to engage. He took barely two steps before flying away in full battle armor. As if he were a shinning Angel of Battle demanding the blood of the wicked.

Other mages quickly followed him. Some he new personally others not as well. It didn’t matter at the moment though; all that mattered was the foe amassing on the other end of the newly formed crater. He summoned a sword for each hand and entered the fray. Like swirling death he cut down scores of them and more were sent flying back from his wings batting them away. Soon the rest of his teams arrived to take advantage of the early opening he had made.

The Sword ‘walker flew higher into the sky to take a quick survey of the battle. He could see explosions and impossible hordes of enemies attacking in other areas as well. He hoped the others were fairing well.

A flying spike narrowly missed him bringing his attention back to the matter at hand. He combined his two swords into one massive almost building sized blade. Without a second thought he brought it down on the enemies below creating a shock wave obliterating even more of the shifters. God he hated these things.


Chebon had reported a breach on his end as some of the weaker mages had gotten sloppy in a panic and dozens had slipped by before Maytee could show up to stem the tide. She had lost count of the number of wolves, deerthings, and what she heard Chebon call baloths. Those were massive. It was a small wonder more hadn’t gotten through.

A wolf pounced on one of the recruits. With little hesitation she blasted its head into smoldering ash. The corpse of the beast landed in front of him. Getting a better look she recognized it as Drew waving his thanks at her. Which was all he could do before being trampled by a stampede of the antlered beasts. By the time she got to him she knew it was already to late. He was just one more casualty in their battle to survive this plane.

Her helmet display registered something new as giant birds soared over head. Not prepared to let this battle turn she flew after them. Firing missiles and blaster bolts at them. One by one they dropped without causing serious harm to anyone. Satisfied she turned her jetpack around to the outer perimeter in time for an ax to strike her center mass.

Her vision faded as she felt the blade sink in. She didn’t know how far she fell. All she knew was how sore she was waking up in bed away from her world.


Damn. The half naked planeswalker thought to himself as his target disappeared from sight. He never would have guessed her spark would awaken here of all places. At least she was out of the way for the time being. He had much work to do. He refused for another Ravnica to be born. He’d die before he let that happen, and he’d certainly kill before that. Grabbing his second ax Garruk Wildspeaker marched forward, summoning more beasts as he went. He didn’t know what was going to happen tonight, but he did know their won’t be many survivors when he’s finished.


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