A Matter of Time

It really was only a matter of time. How long could they really have stayed in one place as visible and exposed as they were? Not very, in Adam’s opinion anyway. Again he leaped from his perch to assault an unsuspecting beast. It had nearly mauled another defender before he had acted. The baloth itself was almost the size of the trees he was hiding in, but he landed where he needed to just the same. His daggers pierced each side of its neck as he rode it to a different section of the battle.

Using his blades as a channeling point he imbued them with his will, enraging the beast in the process. The spell wasn’t perfect as it only had a short fuse but he knew where to take the thing.


One more fool down. It was difficult for him to stay out of direct sight. He wanted so much to storm the place and kill all of these worthless humans, but he knew if he showed his full power they would scurry away like vermin and hide. Making his purpose even more difficult . Even killing one of their champion planeswalkers before the others were killed could cause them to run in a panic. When it came down to it people and their “civilization” were worse than vermin. At least vermin knew their place. Betrayal and corruption, that’s all this place would ever know.

The Hunter pulled his ax from the skull of the latest fool that wanted to kill him. It was covered in blood. His weapon had tasted the sanguine substance from many pathetic denizens of this place, and it would likely taste much more before the night was over.

The ground rumbled. It was unusual since he should be the only one alive in the immediate area. His summons had forged on ahead of him and none of the human filth should be alive near him. Garruk placed his palm on the ground. He could sense that whatever it was, it was huge. Out of pure instinct, the hunter rolled out of the way as a baloth came crashing through the trees on his blindside. The beast kept running past him, but a rider dismounted, attacking him from above.

Garruk blocked the downward attack of his assailant and shifted his balance to force him to impact with the ground. The masked foe landed and did a handspring backwards, effectively dodging the green aligned planeswalker’s counter attack. With little intention of giving up he renewed his assault on him with a head on attack. This attack was easy to defend against as Garruck brought his ax down on his opponent’s head.

Or it would have been if he hadn’t suddenly changed directions with a downward directed spell, sending him flying upward out of harms way. But not without first leaving a present for the beastmaster. Which promptly exploded with a blinding light and deafening sound. The attack was painful and disorientating, but otherwise nonlethal. A mistake he wouldn’t get to make again.

His fiery haired foe silently again tried to bring down his blades. Unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be as Garruk smashed his armes with the blunt end of his ax, and caught him by the throat. Garruk let out a deep guttural laugh. One he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

“You did good boy. You seem to know the hunt very well. You only made two mistakes. The first being you assumed I could only sense you with sight and sound, neglecting to cover up your scent. And the other being…” Garruk’s grip tightened around his prisoner’s throat. Not ready to die yet, he kicked his captor anywhere he could as he struggled to breathe. Finally, he drew his emergency dagger and stabbed the arm holding him. Blood flowed freely from the wound, but his grip didn’t loosen any. He grabbed the tiny weapon with his free hand, and pulled it out, crushing the hand already holding it in his steel grip. Now holding the toy sized instrument he turned it around in a stabbing motion. “You chose to fight me.”

And with that he brought the blade into rib cage of the dangling man. He briefly struggled, but was soon paralyzed by the inability to breath from a second source as blood quickly filled his lungs. Seconds later he dropped the body on the ground. He kept the blade as trophy of this kill. He seemed to be one of the few worthy one’s.

“A pity, if you hadn’t aligned yourself with these fools I might have liked you. At least you died a warrior’s death.” And with that he walked away.


Shit, this is not good. Quiet Joe thought to himself as he ran to Adam’s body. He made sure that hulk of a man was gone before he approached. He let several of his necrolings spread out to alert him if any enemies approached. He first checked for a pulse on his downed friend, and after not finding any he rolled him onto his back to check the wound.

“Fuck man, what were you thinking?” Joe said to the dead body. He wasn’t really sure what he could do, but he had to try something. After seeing him get stabbed and not be able to save him in time. Adam was at least as good of a mage as he was, and he didn’t stand a chance. Rushing in trying to avenge him would more likely have just gotten him killed too. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

Well he had one thought that might work, or it might get him killed too.

“Ah screw it!” Joe muttered to himself as he began casting. Thorny vines began to rise from the ground. Before long Joe found himself and his ginger friend being picked up off of the ground and suspended in midair by their limbs. A small rotating green and black orb formed in between the two mages as they faced one another. “I hope you appreciate this if it works asshole.”

The orb grew to be about two feet in diameter before sprouting tendrils that reached for his and the dead mage’s hearts. When they touched his chest he screamed. He had never felt the raw amount of pain he was feeling right now. It was maddening, as it spread throughout the rest of his body. Finally Joe’s body went limp as well in his restraints. Then as the spell came to an end he simply vanished. Adam’s own body landed forward on his stomach in the dirt injured and unconscious but alive.


In another place far away, the edges of Joe’s awareness returned. He heard tiny whispers speaking of his stirring. Strange, he thought for certain he had died. The darkness reclaimed him, as his consciousness faded away again.


Impossible, he killed this one. Garruk followed the screams he had heard from behind. As he arrived again he saw the body had been moved. His killing blow had disappeared, and his last challenger not slain. He would most certainly fix that. Garruk thought to himself as he raised his ax for a new killing blow.

As the blade made its descent onto its victim’s neck a tri-bladed whip wrapped itself around it, and jerked his attack away cleanly missing his intended target. Furious he turned to see who dared to interfere with his kill.

“That’s enough Garruk!” A lone man in blue and gold armor held the sural that stayed his weapon. The blue sash around his waist and his long windswept hair swayed in the night time breeze. Only a few feet away he stood ready to fight.

“Giddeon! What are you doing here?”

“Cease this attack at once. You’ve done enough damage to these people.” Garruk scowled at the heiromancer.

“No I haven’t, they’re still alive aren’t they?”

“They have no quarrel with you. They are simply surviving in a place they did not choose to live. You’re destroying everything they worked to build.”

“No, I’m destroying a city and preventing their corruption from spreading.”

“I’ll handle it.”

“They are bringing the corruption of civilization to this untouched land!”

“Not your problem.  Not anymore.  Walk away.” His scowl deepened at Giddeon’s words.

“And if I refuse?”

“I’ll fight you. I’ll fight you and hunt you till one of us are dead.” For a second time Garruk felt the urge to laugh. It boomed throughout the battle scarred forest.

“Bold words little man. I’ll stop my attack. They’re probably all going to be dead anyway from the creatures I’ve already sent out. Just be warned I’ll be watching, and if I don’t like what I see… I’ll be back to finish this. With or without you standing in my way.” And with that, they both disappeared leaving the flames of battle behind them.


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