Past and Future Tense

Pain was definitely a sensation Alex was growing accustomed too as he woke up covered in books and shelving. His head seemed to manage a terrible burning sensation along with the pressure of a few boulders at the same time. It was a new experience that he would rather forget. This he guessed is what a hangover felt like. Continue reading


Shield Game

“You know this won’t end until you defeat me.” The armored figure in front of him stated in a matter of fact tone. This irked Jason even more since he had failed to to win this stupid game fifteen times in a row so far, and it didn’t look like it was about to change anytime soon.

“And why’s that Gohryo?” Continue reading

The Sundering

Red diamond-shaped polygons built off of one another into three semitransparent wingshaped blades protruding from Tom’s bracelet like from a video game or an anime. The wings rotated on his cuff until finally firing three large energy chains off of the tips of the blades. Lee didn’t have time to react before the streams of flitting characters slammed into his chest violently. He howled in pain and rage, as he felt Tom forcibly rip his magic away from him. The former mage blacked out as energy rushed through the air. Continue reading

Conflict and Conflagration

It was a pathetically weak attack that Tom had sent against him. Lee had believed so anyway, as he simply blocked it with his new arm. Which absorbed the magical steam and fire. It was an amusingly childish attempt to harm him. Tom was clearly angry and stupid if he believed something like this would harm a high level planeswalker like himself. The attempt was so amusing he couldn’t help but laugh at the attempt. Continue reading

A Matter of Time

It really was only a matter of time. How long could they really have stayed in one place as visible and exposed as they were? Not very, in Adam’s opinion anyway. Again he leaped from his perch to assault an unsuspecting beast. It had nearly mauled another defender before he had acted. The baloth itself was almost the size of the trees he was hiding in, but he landed where he needed to just the same. His daggers pierced each side of its neck as he rode it to a different section of the battle. Continue reading

Unacceptable Losses

Lee stared down at the caster’s lifeless face before shrugging.  He didn’t recognize him, some scrawny kid who’d been invisible right before his shifters had ripped his throat out.  The white minion-variety shifters were walking in slow circles, scanning around for more enemies.  His new arm itched, and Lee scratched it without thinking.  Scent-tracking, or something, had paid off.  He wished he could remember adding that. Continue reading


Adam was in his element as he stalked the intruders of the forest, and attacked them with guerrilla tactics. If this hadn’t been such a horrible place to be right now he might have been able to enjoy the sport of things. Adam thought so anyway as he leaped from his branch. In a fluid motion his knife lopped the head off of a strange antler thing. His Crabs crushed, carved and, pincered even more of the things before fading away into the trees again. If there weren’t so many he might have considered his contribution to the body count meaningful. Continue reading

The Signal

It had already been a long night for Jason. Who would have guessed his responsibilities would increase with his ascendance to planeswalkerhood. He had been on seven hour patrols every night since the attacks began. He still hadn’t figured out how the creatures were slipping through the detection aspect of the barriers, and to make matters worse Nick had been breathing down his neck the whole time. He needed answers and Jason just couldn’t give them to him. Not with what they’ve found anyway. Which was jack squat. Continue reading